Calling a generation to worship and prayer.

Growing in a lifestyle of intimacy and intercession.

Equipping intercessors, singers and musicians for continuous worship and prayer.

Building solid and lasting partnerships to fulfill Gods vision.


European Prayer Project began with a personal desire of one of the founders. This son of missionaries saw how his father travelled by horse and wagon to spread the gospel. The passion to share rose within him as well, but is more focused on setting the next generation christians on fire for Jesus.

He took part in a Discipleship Training School (DTS), marries and lives first in Germany and later in Spain. In spite of a good job, there was still a desire for more of God! He decides to skip his lunches to go into the fields to talk with God. Just like his previous DTS-leader he wants to love Jesus more and love people more. And he wants to do things that matter eternally. Eventually he resigns his job, because he knows that God has something different. He hears about the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and travels there with his family to be refreshed and to hear from God what the next step would be.

His vision for Europe keeps growing and after five years of training and experience at IHOP Kansas City it’s time to bring his work and IHOP-experience to Europe. In 2008 the family moves to Amsterdam and he begins implementing prayer and worship at the Tabernacle, the YWAM House of Prayer in Amsterdam.

“To build a resting place for God…”

Varying events follow in 2009, among them training schools, all of them focused on missions, intimacy and the return of Jesus. During the longer training schools there are also weeks that are more open for everyone to join, where many are awakened to go deeper with God.

In 2013 the concept of the Going Deeper weeks came to be, to reach more people in a short time. During one of these retreats, while talking with one of the speakers, the idea was born to have a short school of worship. In 2015 the first Crescendo school of worship started, with a goal to train musicians and singers. In the same time the ONE Conference was born, which was organised during the three weeks of Crescendo.

With all these developments came the time for a new name for this larger mission of continuous worship and prayer in European cities. Again something new was born during one of the Going Deeper weeks, when the guest speaker prompted the idea of calling the mission ‘European Prayer Project’.

Meanwhile the theme of ‘building a resting place for God’ is coming to focus more and more. Just like David desired to build a Tabernacle as the place for God to dwell among men. Because He desires it. From that moment on that is what European Prayer Project wants: to build a resting place for God. Because Jesus is worth to be worshipped continually! That is why we commit to continuous joyful worship and prayer in European cities. We hope you’ll join with us!

“To worship Jesus day and night…”


Prayer is essential. Jesus Himself taught us to pray. Prayer is powerful. The Bible is full of promises concerning prayer. And prayer is beautiful. It’s spending time and communicating with our Father, in the name of His Son Jesus and lead by His Spirit. Prayer and Worship are deeply intertwined and there is power in practicing it together.

The past twenty years the Holy Spirit started a worldwide worship and prayer movement. Around the globe there is an explosive growing number of prayer houses and initiatives. Intercessors, worshipers, singers and musicians work together to worship Jesus and intercede day and night.

European Prayer Project desires to inspire and support houses of prayer, prayer initiatives and churches to build a resting place for the presence of God in Europe. Just like king David desired to build a home for God in Israel in his time. We do this by offering training, teaching and workshops, but also by organizing events with corporate worship and prayer.

We hope to stir your desire to create a resting place for God in your own heart, your city and your country. With our events we want to train you to take the place God called you for. He is looking for watchmen who long to see Him, for priests who minister to Him and love Him like a bride and rule with Him as kings.


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