"Continuous worship and prayer in European cities!"


Prayer initiatives arise everywhere in Europe. People take their positions as watchmen on the wall, commit themselves to prayer and prepare the way for Jesus’ return.

YWAM Amsterdam, through European Prayer Project, has a vision to strengthen and equip prayer initiatives and houses of prayer in our continent. We desire to help you give ear to the calling to be a resting place for God.

Crescendo 24/7

Fulltime student
One way is to join the fulltime school of worship and prayer. You will join the team these three weeks to learn how prayer can be enjoyable and sustainable.

Leading a set
Another way to participate is to gather a group of people from your church, or prayer group, and sign up to lead a prayer set as a team, sometime during these three weeks. Please sign up for this below.

You can join in prayer, or be in the room to hear what God is saying to you personally. The prayer room is open at all times, day and night, to visit whenever you are able to.